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These are resources I’ve compiled and have used myself as a parent or lactating person, shared with clients, or learned from. I refer to the instagram profiles listed often. However, it does not mean that I completely agree with everything that they post. Sometimes there are other ways to phrase things or use words in our own language to speak on different topics. Use your intuition and trust that you know what information will serve you and your circles best.

Formula Feeding

What parents did before formula- an article

The formula shortage is not a victory for breastfeeding. It is a calamity for families who, like families throughout history, just want to feed their children.

The Formula Shortage And Real Life Solutions

Tune in to hear why these lactation experts won't say "just breastfeed" to families in need of formula and what practical info they share instead.

Paced Bottle Feeding

Useful technique to use when bottle feeding.

Baby formula shortage: 8 tips for parents

Quick article on things parents can do right now.


Breastfeeding isn't easy. How can lactation support help? 

MPR news with Angela Davis, interviewing IBC and Indigenous doula, Shashana Craft, Founder & CEO of Chosen Vessels Midwifery, Dr. LaVonne Moore, and professor of Epi & Community Health at the UMN, Ellen Demerath. 

Indigenous Community Page

MN Breastfeeding Coalition page for Indigenous Community Page, breastfeeding resources + work supporting milk medicine in Minnesota. 

Indigenous Milk is Medicine

A documentary on Indigenous milk created by Missy Whiteman and the American Indian Cancer Foundation. 

Safe Milk sharing

Practices to milk share and make it safe. 

Making Milk 101

Overview of milk production.

Minnesota Milk Bank for Babies

About how to donate and receive milk. 

Human Milk Bank of North America

Find a milk bank near you. 

Abortion + Pregnancy Loss

Holistic abortions

Herbalists and abortion doulas offering inclusive, comprehensive reproductive knowledge with plant wisdom and body literacy.

Blk Native

Black/Dine’ storyteller, breathwork. Post on Abortion is sacred.

Birthing Advocacy Doula Trainings

Abortion Doula CE Course, abortion advocacy mailing list, resources.

Abortion Funds

A National network of abortion funds.

Keep Our Clinics

Independent abortion clinics are community-based reproductive health clinics, information, donate.

Planned Parenthood

Confused about how to get an abortion? We’re here for you.


Indigenous Motherhood

Indigenous blog. Stories, teachings, and empowering phrases. Also on instagram.

Latinx Parenting

Latinx owned business. Trauma-informed parenting, intergenerational healing, and social justice. Workshops, newsletter, blog, and helpful information. 

Sex Positive Families

Black owned business. Sex ed starts at home, helping families raise sexually healthy children at every stage. Workshops, book recs, podcast, and several resources.

The Mom Psychologist

Black owned business. Breaking Cycles while Parenting post. There are also a lot of other useful resources on this instagram page.

Curious Parenting

How to deal when you feel like you’re going to lose it during a meltdown and other useful tips and tools.

Feeding Littles

Managing picky eating, understanding tiny humans' relationship to food, podcast, online courses, meal ideas, pep talks, parenting truths, and more.

A guide: Age appropriate ways to talk to kids about mass shootings

Guide created by The Mom Psychologist to help navigate this difficult conversation.

How to help kids get through unspeakable horror

An article written by the LA Times.

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