How Meditating is Giving Me Space to Reconnect

The following stories are from my experience, and my experience alone. They are not reflective of all yogis or indigenous yogis. As are my other posts on this blog which are my experiences and stories that I want to share with people like yourself. I hope after reading this, you find some synergy or motivation in wanting to learn about gathering your head space, and tuning your energy inwards.

For a little over 6 weeks, I have been meditating daily as part of yoga teacher training (YTT). In this short amount of time, I have noticed similarities between this practice and the practice of our ceremonies such as those in inipi or sweat. The beautiful yet difficult thing about inipi as you go through each round is that it doesn’t get easier. Even though you’re in the same place, even though you may be sitting the same way the entire time- it gets harder. It takes discipline, being able to listen, and trust in something outside of yourself in order to make it through all of the rounds of inipi. Through the difficult times of inipi, humbleness, love, and compassion often come to the surface. I think back to all of my experiences in inipi and how my body, my mind, and my spirit feel afterwards. There is a lightness and being in tune, not just physically, but mentally and spiritually. You may start to feel the vibrations of your energy from your head to your feet.