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#journalwithme 7 Day Challenge

I was inspired by a month long journal challenge I was participating in with @thebraincoach and enjoyed most of the journaling prompts. Then I thought, I wonder if there are indigenous or Native journal prompts out there similar to this? What if I created my own? I decided to just give it a try, even if it means that I’m the only one following it! And instead of a month long journal challenge, I wanted to try a bite size version. This is why I’ve created the #journalwithme 7 Day Challenge that starts on Monday, May 4th.

The Constant Motion #journalwithme 7 Day Challenge is a way to help you reflect on what you’re experiencing during this challenging time and help you see where you are practicing indigenous self-care. Our teachings and original instructions teach us to love and respect ourselves so that we can support others in a good way. These questions are intended to guide you in reflecting on where you are experiencing indigenous self-care.

I may be brave and share some of my journal entries or excerpts. I’ve found that there are no strict rules to journaling. It’s just your thoughts flowing freely on paper or on a screen. I hope you find these journal prompts useful for you on your self-care journey and are inspired to think more about indigenous self-care. Happy journaling!

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24 sept. 2021

This was lovely thanks for writing this

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