My English name is Pearl. My given name is Constant Motion Woman, from the Anishinaabe, Lakota, and Dakota people, I'm here to protect the sacred- our children, our wombs, our bodies. I'm a dreamer. A full spectrum birth worker. A yoga instructor. A fan of poetry and poet. A fan of playlists and music. A lifelong learner of connecting to the cultural practices of my people. 

I am an empathic womb protector who decolonizes and reclaims relationship to self alongside young, Indigenous caregivers. I center Indigenous folks in my offerings, however am open to supporting BIPOC folks. I have been connecting to my healing since I was in my late teens.  My healing journey continues as I am constantly learning, unlearning, and connecting with my womb, sacred space, and lineage. The offerings I create and share come from my own experience in healing my body and womb, reconnecting to my spirit, and other spiritual downloads. I let my intuition guide and connection me in my offerings but I also have a background in Public Health and draw upon this knowledge when needed. 

You can connect with me through the following offerings

  • Prenatal consultation 

  • Postpartum consultation 

  • Traditional postpartum care 

  • Grieving/miscarriage care 

  • Meditation classes 

  • Private group and community vinyasa classes 


About Constant Motion

What I offer