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Most people know me by the name of Pearl, but my given name is Constant Motion Woman! I'm an Indigenous birthworker with 6+ yrs of experience, 2+ yrs of experience as a yoga teacher, and 2+ years of experience updating this website!

I’m Hunkpapa Lakota and Dakota from Standing Rock and Anishinaabe from White Earth Nation. I'm eagle clan and currently reside in Bemijigamaag. I have an educational background and master's degree in Public Health and continue to learn Anishinaabe ways of life, wolakota/wodakota for my overall wellness and healing. As an Indigenous birthworker, healing is an essential part of me and how I am able show up for others. I have been connecting to my own healing since I was in my late teens and most of the work has been as an adult.  Healing is a constant learning, unlearning, and connecting with my womb, my sacred space, and my helpers. 

I am an empathic womb protector who reclaims connection + emotions alongside young Indigenous people and birthers. 

I do this work from my heart and with my community's needs in mind. I center Indigenous folks in my offerings, however am open to supporting all BIPOC folks.  The offerings I create and share come from my own experience in healing my body and womb, reconnecting to my spirit, and other spiritual downloads. I let my intuition guide and connect me to my offerings but I also have a background in Public Health and blend it into my support as needed.

This work gives me so much joy in being able to connect to my ancestral knowledge and share what I've learned with others. And it's a feeling that I call ancestral connection that deeply connects me to the placentas and beautiful spirits that came before me. And I do this work because not only is it healing for me to hold space, it's healing for my clients. And let's be honest- I deserve that kind of love. My ancestors DESERVE it. And I hope you, too, know that YOU deserve that kind of love + healing. Your lineage deserves HEALING + supportive LOVE! Because you are WORTHY of love as you right now. 

Below is more about what I offer and my work. 

You can connect with me on the following offerings: 

  • Indigenous Prenatal care + support

  • Indigenous Postpartum care + support

  • Indigenous Postpartum delivery + drop off services 

  • Indigenous Miscarriage care + support 

  • Lactation care + support 

  • Custom tea blends

  • Guided Meditation 

  • Private Group + Community Yoga classes 

  • Virtual Yoga classes 

  • Declutter your sh*t (online class coming soon)

  • Lactation, Indigenous Birth, or related Presentations + Speaking Engagements

  • Contract work 

  • Consultant work (i.e. facilitation, organizing, decluttering, website, feedback)

Interested in working with me? Book a 30 minute consultation to see if we're a good fit!