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About Constant Motion Woman
Care + Services 

Indigenous Postpartum Care 

Prenatal consultations

Childbirth education Labor techniques

Postpartum education + care plan

Ancestral foods + medicines 

Teas for any postpartum 

Emotional support 


Lactation Support + Care

Lactation education + support for all lactation journeys at anytime 

Infant feeding + nursing toddlers 

Feeding positions


Returning to work or school and pumping


 Private + Community Yoga Classes

Custom classes for any program, cohort, workgroup, or community in need of Indigenous-led movement and mindfulness 

Online or In-person by request


Speaking Engagements



Discussions on topics centering Indigenous birth, postpartum care, lactation, parenting, and collaboration 

Online or
In person by request

Why work with me? 

I am an empathic womb educator who creates rest + emotional connection alongside young Indigenous birthers, new parents, and caregivers with precious little humans in their lives. 

I do this work from my heart space to meet my clients where they are. I center Indigenous folks in my offerings, however I am happy to support all birthing + postpartum people. 


The offerings I create and share come from evidence-based and practice-based information, my own experiences and knowledge, and other spiritual downloads. I let my intuition guide and connect me to how I provide my services. 

This work gives me so much joy in being able to connect with people in gentle, loving ways. Love is healing and we are all deserving of love from the time we are in our mother's womb. Believe that you are WORTHY of love as you right now.  

You can connect with me on the following offerings/services: 

  • Prenatal education

  • Prenatal care + support

  • Childbirth education 

  • Labor + birth support (will travel around the Bemidji area) 

  • Postpartum education 

  • Postpartum care + support

  • Indigenous Postpartum care delivery + drop off services 

  • Indigenous Miscarriage care + support 

  • Lactation education

  • Lactation care + support 

  • Tea blends to support your postpartum womb or lactation 

  • Mindfulness in pregnancy, postpartum, and parenting 

  • Parenting infants + toddlers 

  • Building emotional connection in raising toddlers 

  • Working with emotions + practicing self-care 

  • Private Group + Community Yoga classes 

  • Virtual Yoga classes

  • Lactation, Indigenous Birth, or related Presentations + Speaking Engagements

  • Contract work 

  • Consultant work (i.e. facilitation, organizing, decluttering, feedback)

Interested in working with me? Book a 30 minute consultation to see if we're a good fit!

About: About
I love your newsletters, I'm thankful for your spaces to renew and I relate. Gratitude for your vinyasa flow earlier, your cues always each and every single time help me connect with my body to inner stand the concept of what each pose teaches me. Your messages you say aloud are Divine, you are a blessing for my personal health and well-being."


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