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How I got started

This website all started out as just a blog in 2016 to tell my birth story and to share my learnings in breastfeeding and parenting- and really- just to share practical things for wellbeing. I became a doula in 2017 and each year have grown in the ways I support families and the trainings I received on prenatal education and wellness, labor techniques, lactation education and counseling, and postpartum well-being. Once I became a 200hr Certified Yoga Instructor in 2020 through 612Jungle, I expanded my blog to an online yoga studio and opened Constant Motion LLC. I wanted to share the practice of yoga and what I had learned about myself as a parent; realizing the stressors of parenting are all too common and there are simple ways we can take care of ourselves care for our precious tiny humans. Then, in 2021 I started offering doula support and care in addition to teaching yoga.  

I did this kind of work independently for over a year after moving to my childhood hometown of Bemidji .  Wanting to be more involved and connected to the community, I accepted a full time position with a Native-led nonprofit focused on maternal and family holistic wellness in 2023. Now I get to do what I was doing independently, as part of a team!  With this change in my work, my presence here has shifted to me sharing my love of creativity.


I learned how to make the dangly style of earrings when I interned in Yankton Sioux in 2011. Elizabeth BlackElk was a coordinator where I interned, and she told me how her earrings were made and 

I figured out the pattern from her description. I have since created different styles of danglies over the years and keep adding new ways or reimagining my style.

I purchase and support Native vendors and suppliers, small business owners, and local businesses as much as possible for my materials and supplies. You can find my earrings and other handmade items along with their stories or descriptions in my shop! My small business is still centering well being, but through art and handmade creations. Take a look at my shop! 

About: About
I love your newsletters, I'm thankful for your spaces to renew and I relate. Gratitude for your vinyasa flow earlier, your cues always each and every single time help me connect with my body to inner stand the concept of what each pose teaches me. Your messages you say aloud are Divine, you are a blessing for my personal health and well-being."


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