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Indigenous love sticker

Indigenous love sticker

This is a poem I wrote in 2020 during the height of the pandemic to send more loving vibrations into the world. Now you can have this sweet poem on a sticker for your notebooks, waterbottles, laptops, tablets, or gift it to someone else. 


Wrapping a blanket or fur robe around someone or two people, is a symbol of protection + love. Prayers are made in the making of a blanket or robe and when it is given to someone, it is of high honor to receive it because of the hard work or contributions you have made to your community and relatives. A blanket is still placed around people in this way today and are often gifted to those that have graduated from school, achieved something worth acknowledging in the community, and those that have been married as a means of wrapping them in love, protection, and prayers for good things ahead on their path. 


Significance of the starquilt: 

Starquilts were a product that came out of the Boarding School Era in the 1800-1960s where Native children were forcibly taken from their families. Sewing was a required skill for many to learn during their schooling in these systems. Several graduates from the boarding schools brought starquilt making to their communities and it was included in the gifting of a blanket and wrapping a person in it. Today, so many sewing artists have created intricate and elaborate starquilts to honor and match the person it is for. Starquilts are a symbol of Indigenous love and resilience. 


3x3 inch square matte sticker 

Black background, white text 

  • Care and application

    Clean the surface of the area you are placing the sticker. Allow it to dry, and press firmly. Sticker is water resistant, but not water proof. It is recommended to keep it dry and away from water to maintain its lifetime. 

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